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It is surprising how few people learn about the basis of health.
Most of what is taught in universities’ medical school can be understood and applied at much earlier age.

By learning this at an earlier age, people can come to understand how their body functions.
And come to use their body - as a Life Style - in a way that it remains integrated in itself and its context.

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To the right is a curriculum listing of the Foundation for Integral health Care.

Our Living Body is a fundamental insight training in the workings of our body as part of our universal context.
It helps recognise the fundamental principles that are at work in our body, so that we can work with them in healing.

The Core Curriculum offers a basic training in Integral health Care.
It comprises insight and experience in various forms of healing, their philosophy, approach to healing, possible effects and how they may be applied and combined.

The Science of Life presents some fundamental insights of modern science, and how they need to be implemented in Modern Medicine to bring this up to date with correct consensus. It helps understand why, and how, traditional forms of healing are more at part with modern science. Likewise it explains why the subjective observer perspective needs to be included in the formulations of science to make them valid for healing.

The Electives offers an overview of various teachings and trainings intended to help experience and understand the workings of our body, and the basis of health. Addressed are: Body Language, Massage Methods, Bye-Bye Behaviour, Sane Sex, and other topics which help understand and realise the fundamental potetials and needs of your body.


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