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Integral Health Care unifies modern science with traditional health care

  1. Modern Medicine reflects the tenets of Classical Science.
    This is an approach designed from an Anatomical perspective.
    It is object based, mechanistic, relies on  the predictability that is characteristic for inertia (dead  matter)
  2. Ayurvedic Healing reflects the concepts of Relativity Theory.
    This is a practice based on Physiologic principles
    It makes use of the relationship between the processes within our body and those of our context, to guide the healthy process back into coherence.
  3. Acupuncture therapy represents the application of Quantum Theory.
    It is interacts with the Regulatory System, and is a Cybernetic approach.
    It applies the understanding that the stability of our body is regulated by the interplay between our points of contact with our context.
  4. Spiritual healing reflects the principle of united/holographic coherence. of Field Theory
    It understands that matter is a form of information, and reality a form of realisation.
    It realises that reality is a realisation, and that our world view must match the integrity of our context, in order to experience the integrity of the universe within us (health) and between us (peace)

Our body shows how Anatomy, Physiology, system Regulation and systemic Integration are all united.
The materials of our body - secreted by living cells - show how solid, liquid, gas and plasma (information) all are unified in living beings.

The difference between living beings and inanimate matter lies in Freedom of Choice.
This must be accounted for and applied in healing.

All healing is based on self healing.
The immune system is a system for adaptation, it is our basis of/for learning.

Integral Health Care is based on the understanding that our health is based on the integrity within us of our integration with/in/within our context.
Health is the expression of a life style which is integrated in our uniVersal context.

The integrity of our body is based on the integration, communication, of living cells.
The molecules they exchange are carriers of information; they do not operate by energy, but Synergy.

The various forms of healing complement each other, in the same manner as seen in our body organs.
Together they form the bridge for the integration of Information and Matter, in our living being.

Healing is the art of restoring the integrity of that connection.
The art/act of healing is based on the principles of self-healing on which our body is based.

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