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    Contagious Health (c)

    Ansteckende Gesundheit (c)

    Santée Contagieuse (c)

    Aanstekelijke Gezondheid (c)

SIG applies he principle found within our body: health promotes health.

The basis of our body is not the fighting off of disease, but the ability to learn how to cope/deal with changes of context.

Our Freedom of Choice and our Ability for Adaptation are related: we live and learn, in a changing context.
Our body has millions of years of experience of survival on Earth. It knows hoow to adopt and adapt.

When our ability to learn and adapt is impaired, this is most often the case because we ignore our contact with our context.
Our living body cells show how communication is the essence for integration.

This ability is inbuilt in our body.
It is possible to experience and learn this, teach this and thus promote contagious health (c)

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