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The Foundation for Integral Health Care

Integral Health Care combines all the world’s methods for healing.
By their synergy, they can prevent as well as cure.



Spiritual healing

Field Theory

Early Detection



Quantum Theory




Relativity Theory



Somatic Medicine

Classical Theory

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    Foundation SIG provides advice and courses on the way to achieve this.
    SIG helps organisation to apply Integral Health Care as basis of their practice.

The essence is simple:

  1. The West created an anatomic understanding of our body.
    This bases itself on the Classical models of science.
  2. The East (Ayurveda) focused on supporting the physiological processes of our body.
    This calls for a Relativistic type of thinking.
  3. The Far East (Acupuncture) designed an approach to recalibrate the regulatory system of our body.
    This requires a Probabilistic approach.
  4. The Far West (Spiritual Healing) works primarily with the Information system of the body.
    This calls for a universal integral Field description.

The principles and method for integration of these forms of healing is found in our living body.
Our body is not a mechanical object: it is an information processor which interacts with its context.
In our living being, information integrates with matter. The essence of life is Freedom of Choice.
Our body is our best example on the way objective reality is based on subjective realisation.

SIG Foundation brings together research on Life Science, Preventive Health Care, Self Healing, and Integral Health Care.


This web site is realised by the Stichting ter bevordering voor de Integratie van Geneeswijzen. SIG.
SIG is a non-profit foundation for the integration of all forms of healing for living in health. Donate ?

Centres for Integral Health Care

SIG operates the following principles for Centres for Integral Health Care:
Organisations that comply with these criteria can apply for the SIG logo.

Healers Healing Healthy Healers.

In the Centres for Integral Health Care, all therapists treat each other.
This gives them a personal experience of the healing techniques and effects of/on each other.
It also helps them experience healing on a regular basis: one a week they will feel well and thereby function better as person and healer.
By their personal experience they also know what the other healers can offer their clients, and thus help them heal in more ways.

Synergy Healing

When two (or more) healers of different kind work together, their effect can be amplified intensely.
It may even be possible to, within one session, have the effect of many sessions.
This is the result of the combination of perspectives, where the changes in the being of the healee are balanced out by the interactions by the other healer.
For the healee it also means that their being has greater clarity what is the inner healthy response, and is thereby able to recognise/regain/restore health more quickly.

Contagious Health

Centres for Integral Health Care do not operate by curing disease but by teaching health.
As a result, everybody who comes on for treatment is invited to learn how to heal that affliction, once they are healed.
By a schematic of "Experience, See, Do, Teach" everyone can come to learn the theory and practice of healing that affliction, and then help teach that to others.
The result is that everybody who has had that disease becomes an active agent in the treatment of that disease. In this way diseases are treated quicker and better the more they emerge. Thereby Health is restored quickest, in the whole population.

Therapy Tutors

Therapy Tutors also operate in a general sense: one per (two) weeks they organise an evening in which their clients come to learn aspects of various diseases. Principles of self health care, life style, healthy interaction with others and understanding of (self) healing are explained and trained, making it possible for the people themselves to treat and prevent diseases; and live in health.

Self Health Care

Health is the experience within your body, of the integrity of the way the uniVerse functions.
The experience of connectedness with our context, and the awareness of the way we experience that connection are essence in the (learning the) experience of that integrity and integration.
It is the realisation of a life style, in which the person is aware of being part of a whole, and able to express their personal uniqueness in being.


SIG fosters the experience of health. For this purpose it promotes understanding of your own body. SIG aims to realise a programme for medical education, mEducation, from Kindergarten through Primary and Secondary school to Academic training. This makes it possible for students in school to learn about the functioning of their own body, in relationship to their physical and personal development of that moment. As a result, they learn about self care, life style, care for others and care for their context, to the extent that students then enter university with  more understanding and experience for health care than medical doctors now complete their training.

Integral Health Care

All cultures of the planet have developed their own form of healing. Each in their own natural context, based on their own world view, expressed in their own language, and created to suit their own conditioned cultural consensus.
All of the cultures of the planet, and their forms of healing, can be compared to organs in the body. They all complement each other, and together they form the body of knowledge of healing.
Integral Health Care not only integrates the forms of healing of the planet, but also the planet's cultures.
By combining the different forms of healing they can achieve much more tan each alone, by synergy. Precisely because they use differences in perspective, they address different levels of functioning of our body. Healing is not the result of the application of a method, but by the body understanding how it functions, by being understood in how it functions.

Preventive Health Care

Health is the experience of the functioning of the uniVerse in our own body.
By learning how to give care to one's own body, everybody can learn to prevent diseases.
Centres for Integral Health Care offer the experience of Health.
instead of becoming clients, people become members. Instead of coming for treatment, they come to learn to treat. When coming for treatment for themselves, they learn to treat others. Instead of a focus on disease, their experience is aimed at health.

Centres for Integral Health Care

By being members, students, self-practitioners and supporters of the centre for integral health care, they experience a totally different health care system. Instead of paying for insurance for the payment of doctors, medication, hospitals and insurance, they invest in their own health and well-being, they learn about health, they experience healthy lifestyle,, and actively know how to foster health for themselves and others, A centre for Integral Health Care is an active community for the experience and realisation of health, personally and collectively.

Health is a reflection of a life style, in balance with Earth

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